CPCS Card Renewal

Move from a Red to a Blue Card
Following successful completion of the CPCS Technical Tests (Theory + Practical), you will be awarded with a CPCS Red Trained Operator’s Card.  You then have 2 years to complete a Level 2 Plant Operators NVQ after which you will receive a CPCS Blue Competent Operator’s Card, contact us for details.

Red Card Renewal
If your CPCS Red Trained Operator’s Card has expired - after the 2 year duration - you must retake the CSCS HS&E test, the CPCS Theory Test and the CPCS Practical test. You must then complete an NVQ to move to a Blue Card; you cannot reapply for a Red Card alone.
After renewing your CSCS Test with us, Experienced Workers can complete their renewal at Total Training in 2 days - Day 1 CPCS Technical Tests (Theory + Practical) & Day 2 the NVQ through the 1 day EWPA route, contact us for details.

Blue Card Renewal
Once you have completed your NVQ you must renew your CPCS Blue Competent Operator’s Card every 5 years, this entails a renewal HS&E test, renewal CPCS Theory Test and upon completion of your NVQ you will have been presented with an On Site Assessment Log Book which you must keep up to date and is audited every 5 years - we deliver all of these tests at Total Training, contact us for details.
(If you have lost your log book please contact us for help - you may have time to get a replacement book or you may have to resit the CPCS Practical Test).


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